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nljDesignStudio provides quality digital design services that sets itself aside by using fashion trend forecasting to know exactly what you are going to want! This includes digital art for your home, stylish invitations for your wedding or event or the perfect greeting card to say what you have always felt! 

The industry has been changing over the years when it comes to invitations. No longer do we send snail mail for every event; in fact most people just set up a Facebook event and go! (I am also guilty of this, so what?). However, some of the more memorable or important events, like your Wedding, Baby's first birthday or a Gender Reveal party still require that personal touch (I swear if you invite someone to your wedding over Facebook event, why I oughta...) So, this is where I come in! Allow me to create your perfect invitation but for the digital world! Send as an e-vite if you're an international or wide-spread family, or even use them to print at your local print shop (support small biz!)

 You can browse the already made invites, wall art and greeting cards on my Etsy page, or contact me for something more personal! I am always happy to help. 

P.S If you want to invite someone over Facebook events to your wedding who am I to judge? But at the very least let me make you some kick ass designs for  your Facebook event pic ;)


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Meet me!

Hey! I'm Natasha, I started nljDesignStudio back in 2016 with an idea and bunch of talent!

With a fashion design background from a reputable college in Ontario, Canada nljDesignStudio was already on the leading edge of creativity. Studying fashion allowed me to have a great eye for colour, design and trend forecasting. We touched upon graphic design for fashion illustrations and that's where I was hooked to digital art. In my spare time I always tangoed with tutorials as a hobby, and ended up building my knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

So, in 2015 a great friend of mine became engaged, and asked me to be the maid of honour! Naturally, I wanted to help out with everything I could for her so I offered to create all her invitations. I realized how much I loved the process, and that I was much more talented than I gave myself credit for (guilty of this all the time according to my boyfriend). 

So with the combination of a fashion design background, a love for digital art and inspiration from a bff I had the secret formula for success!