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A Quick Welcome

Hello, Welcome, Bonjour, Aloha, Good Day...

Now that we have that over with. Let us discuss WHAT IN THE WORLD is happening here.

I'm Natasha a twenty-something (I say that since I never feel my age, sometimes older and sometimes younger) Canadian. I love junk food, my dog, fashion, digital arts, DIY my life and the beautiful occasion of weddings. If you are wondering "with all these interests what in the world will you write about?" and to that my answer is "i donno". All the articles, blogs and suggestions I have read say to pick a niche and write about that. Well, it is way to difficult to narrow it down to such a small topic. My brain feels like it is always focusing on forty different things and why not share all of those with everyone. If this can help just one person with whatever they are working on, doing or thinking then I will feel like all of this is worth while (aww so cute!).

I am going to make sure I disclose this PSA though. I think I am way funnier than I am, my grammar/punctuation is terrible and I am super excited to share my brain with you!


So without making you wait any longer, this has been nljDesignStudio's first blog post!