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Oscars 2017- Worst Dressed

Oscars 2017- Let's Get Into the Worst Dressed of the Evening

I always feel so bad for the ladies and gents who are put into this list every single year. I mean, I don't think they seek out to be the worst dressed, or have someone tear them apart because they put some fabric on their bodies that was shaped and sculpted in a way that someone else might not necessarily like. If you are also one of these people, my previous post was all about the best dressed (in my opinion). Anyways, I am still going to do it for the lols, time to get savage.

 David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock

David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock

Octavia Spencer
I feel like I might get crucified for this one, but whatever. You know what I am totally okay with the top of this Marchesadress, the top is elegant and beautiful and is so flattering on her. Yet when you start drawing your eyes downward I feel like everyones reaction is just a raised eyebrow. It is like if you made one of those DIY Loofah Halloween Costumes but for an Ostrich. Seriously, Google or Pinterest a DIY Loofah Costume and tell me this is just the couture version of that.





Halle Berry
Let's get one thing straight first- her hair is amazing! Love the volume, the curls, and the highlights. Everything about her hair screams natural, easy, carefree and beautiful. Okay, now this Atelier Versace dress. I mean, who am I to cut up a Versace dress but all I think is that they sourced the fabric from the storage locker of the set of Pirates of the Caribbean. Or, someone was like "hey Britany Spears, remember all those belts you used to wear in the early 00's? Mind if we use them for Halle Berry's Oscar dress? Yeah, were going to sew them together and tie it around her. It will be FAB" 

Priyanka Chopra
First of all, this dress isn't completely terrible. The quilted look adds that geometry trend that we are seeing in every aspect of our design life. The part that RUINS this dress is the front neckline. Did they drape this around a pizza box? Was someone like, "hey let's try a new sihouette, the bristol board!"

Naomie Harris
The mismatch shoe game is strong here though and the accessories look awesome. Yet, this Calvin Klein dress raises so many questions for me. Like, what is the fabric? Who decided on the cutout? Was someone told "capes" and they were like sure? Did that same person also say "hi-lo" and they were like okay!" You know when pregnant woman make moulds of their stomachs to remember they baby bump? It's like wet toilet papermache? Yeah...

Anyways, there wasn't really that many terrible dresses or looks. Only these four really stood out out to me and my brain. Leave a comment on your thoughts!