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Your Guide To New Years Resolutions

Your Guide to New Year Resolutions

New Year, better me!! No no, not "New Year, new me" and it isn't because half (probably more than half) of the population are tired of hearing that particular cliche, and not because I am trying to be a smart ass. I say "New Year, better me" because I really feel like a whole new me is a ton of work, like I can barely remember to follow through with one promise to myself (eat better, break habits, exercise, etc...). Making a whole new me in the span of one year sounds like a bit more to bite off than I would care to chew. That doesn't even mention how offended my parents would probably be if I was like, "Great work raising me and all, but I've decided to upgrade to the newer model because the clock struck midnight on a specific night", no I am not Cinderella. So instead I have decided to just enhance myself, one small aspect at a time. Now I am not boasting about having all this figured out, this is what works for me and maybe it will not work for you but I feel the need to share incase you are struggling.

So on this fifth day in January here is Your Guide to New Year Resolutions:

  1. Do not take on a huge task that changes your entire personality, your spirit or what makes you, you. Doing this will only set up failure and no one actually likes to fail. This does not count habits that you would like to break though. There can be a fine line between a habit, and something that is a quirk that makes you endearing. Like biting your nails, thats a dirty habit and not a cute little quirk about you. No one ever says "Oh that Sally, little Miss Nail Chewer, she's so cute munching away on her dirty finger nails". Learn to recognize a nasty habit that you may want to work on breaking, and not ruining what makes you unique.
  2. Always understand that you are working on resolutions, not that they are specific goals that need to be met by a specific date. Doing this is setting up parameters for you to not succeed. I'm going to use biting your nails again as a habit to break. Instead of telling yourself by December 31st 2017 I want to have gone an entire year without biting my nails, tell yourself that you want to be able to wear nail polish and it not look stubby, that you do not want to have painful fingertips because you gnawed on them for hours, tell yourself that even if on December 31st 2017, if your nails have been recently chewed you did not fail because back in July when you sliced that lemon it didn't burn your fingers, and that my friend is a success.
  3. If your resolution like most people is to eat better, workout more, and lose weight then all the power to you! We have one body that holds our super cool personalities and spirits, so treat it well. But like everything I said before, don't be too hard on yourself, give yourself a break every once and a while, allow yourself to cheat. Your psyche will be much happier for it by next year, and your body will thank you because you made different, and hopefully better choices.

Now I understand me sitting here behind this computer screen preaching to you about how to make this year the year of resolutions in three simple steps is kind of a rip off. You are probably saying to yourself "wow, easy for her to say all she has to do is not bite her nails for a week and she thinks she won". Of course I try to work on myself all year round, and every single year, I have just learned through failure that I am who I am, I cannot change a lot of that. I can however make choices that will better myself, make me feel like I succeeded and not give up after day 5. Last year for example someone asked me what my resolution was and I said, "I don't know, to be nicer to people?" This was after years of never making a resolution because why should I? I liked this one because when challenged throughout the year, this always popped into my head. It was always a reminder to choose the kinder way. I am still working on this one, but I definitely have a start!!

If you want help keeping track of your resolutions you can check out our Resolution Tracker in the shop! Just click the link to access the download page. You might be asking yourself, why would I want to download a calendar? Well you can print this as many times as you like, for you, your spouse and even your children! Stick it wherever you like, a planner, journal, the fridge or even a cork board. After each month write down however you may have attributed to your resolution, and by the end of the year feel good about yourself :). The best part, use this next year, and the year after that and after that, with only one purchase!

 Click the pic to get to the download.

Click the pic to get to the download.

Happy 'resolutioning', and a very Happy New Year!