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Valentine's Date Ideas: Cheap, Romantic and Making Memories

Date Ideas!

Many of you may have realized that Valentine's Day is coming up. For those who wish to participate in showering your loved one with, well love, then follow along! I am going to outline a couple ideas of some ways to make memories with your loved on, on the lowlow.

• FORTS. Okay, so everyone loves a good fort and if you don't then just skip this one, because you are a monster. Gather all the pillows, blankets and fluffy stuffed items in your home or living quarters. You can do this old school style and bring some chairs around you to use as posts to drape your blankets on top of, or you can leave the roof off and just arrange everything on the floors. Make sure your pillows are on the ground for maximum comfort, also I like to prop some pillows up on something for when you lay down. Now, just sitting on some pillows and staring at each other isn't necessarily my idea of fun so this is where food and technology comes in. Gather all the snacks, junk food, healthy junk food whatever you guys are into, just gather them ALL. Get some of your favourite movies, or ones you have been dying to see cued up on Netflix, turn off the lights and cuddle for hours! For gifts, your time spent together should be plenty because you are both shooting stars, but if you feel like you should hand over something we have the perfect cards for this exact date. 

•DINNER. Most of you would associate date night with dinner correct? Here is my idea: Make it together! I assume one of you is the cook of the house, and the other isn't, so it is a great way to help the one you love and teach the other. So, prepare dinner as you normally would you can make something more elaborate and special, or you can make whatever you normally would just do it together. Grab your favourite cocktail, wine or beverage and get creating! Set the table nicely, have some candles. If you have kids let them join in on the fun, and save a special dessert for the two of you for after bedtime and enjoy it together at the table, under candle light. Just remember to enjoy each other, help each other and learn some cooking tips from one another :). Here's a card you can download, print and write something very special in to give to your loved one at dinner time.

•SKATING AND WARM BEVERAGE. I have no idea why all my ideas include food and beverages, but it makes it a little more exciting in my mind! This idea isn't as cheap as the others because you will be leaving the house, but find a skating rink that is local, bring your skates or rent some at the rink and enjoy a skate! Teach each other how, or learn how together, but if you both know how to skate then just have a blast! Warm yourself up with some warm hot chocolate, cider or something a little more alcoholic. Now this idea depends solely on if you have a rink in your area, and the weather if it is outdoors. If you cannot go skating, hate it or just have no desire then go for a nice walk together. Find a park, your downtown, a city scenery or trails and just enjoy time outside together and breathing in fresh air. Anything to be together, talking about your week or day and connect! Have a card ready to hand to them to show just how much you appreciate them!

I hope these three ideas help you just a little bit in your adventures with your loved one. If, you are boycotting and despise Valentine's Day then do this on the 15th, as a reason to show your favourite human you care.