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5 Tips on Throwing a Party to Remember

Hello again!

Once again last week was a week off from posting, not because you aren't loved but I was working on a bunch of redecorating for the week I just did not have time. Wallpaper scraping, painting walls, fixing baseboards and painting over green trim, mhmm (eye roll)...

So this week, let's discuss party tips for throwing one to remember. These tips can work from a small gathering to something much larger (think Buck'n'Doe's, Family Reunions, Big Birthday Bash's).

  1. Always have enough food to feed an army. This might sound silly, maybe wasteful, or down right crazy. Set out enough food for to feed a few more people than you have coming. Make sure it is food that can be left out during your party and does not require you to spend the entire time in the kitchen over the stove. There are plenty of recipes from professional chef's and food bloggers out there, I am not going to try to push something I make onto you guys. Search Pinterest, look at Tasty, google dip, party appetizers or finger foods for inspiration. Make a list of the items you wish to make and have a good variety. Remember your guests dietary restrictions; gluten free, lactose, vegetarian, vegan, etc... These guests will be so thankful that you thought of them and they can participate in the fun! If you have way to much food left over at the end package it up and eat it throughout the week, or send guests home with some! Trust me, the more finger foods, apps and dips you have set out for the night will always be remembered.
  2. DECOR! Nothing puts people in the party mood than transforming your living room into a great party space. Save money by making some of your own decor items, shop at dollar stores, check out your local party shops! Stick with a theme, if you are having a New Years Eve Party try out gold decor, St.Patricks Day obviously green, even birthday parties (you can never be too old for a theme). If you don't want to go for a themed party just stick with a colour scheme.
  3. Have activities planned. This might sound like it wouldn't work for an adult party and is more so for a child's birthday party but trust me you do not want your party people sitting around doing nothing. Have some board games out, like Telestrations, Code Names, Cards Against Humanity, Catchphrase or even cards! You can even have a game board themed party. Plan to play some old video games if you have access an old system, most of the games for these are easy to play everyone remembers them and it is usually an awesome time.
  4. DRINKS! Whether or not this is alcoholic or not, always have drinks out. This should go along with the rule of food have more non-alcoholic beverages than you need, everyone will appreciate this more than you know. If it is a party with alcohol your guests might need mix for their beverage, they might need some water by the end of the night, or the DD's of the party will really appreciate it. If you are feeling generous and want to supply the party with some alcohol as well sangria's, spiked punch, bottles of wine, or a case of beer is always a good choice to offer your guests some.
  5. Social Media. On the topic of making your party one to remember, posting photos to social media, using a hashtag (depending on party size) and having a full snapchat story is such an awesome tool to document and save your great party. If you are having a large party and you want to get the word out (thinking buck and does here) then social media will be your best friend before hand, creating events on Facebook to invite everyone is a handy tool, posting at the beginning of the party can spread the word of how awesome it is or is going to be. One of my favourite new tools for something like this is Snapchats custom geofilters. You create your own geofilter which can be made into literally anything you want and you upload it to Snapchats website, pick your date, time and location of your party and pay Snapchat a fee. Now all of your guests who have Snapchat can utilize your custom personalized geofilter! Here's a picture of one from a friend's engagement party! If you are interested in one of your own personalized custom Snapchat filter for your party then click the photo below!


I hope you can utilize some of these tips to better your hostess skills and your guests experience. Remember these five things at your next party, and you are sure to have a night of memories


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