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Colder Weather & Hairspray Live!

Let It Snow!

It is December 8th, 2016 and currently the area I reside is going to be slammed with snow. The cold, blistery, blowing snow always makes me feel so comforted. Curling up with a warm cup of something or other and a good book near a crackling fire is just the first thing you want to do when the storm starts up. Not me though, I would rather curl up with a glass of wine and a good tv show (or movie, I'm not biased) and stare out the window at the cars passing by so slowly and quietly it sounds like they are driving underwater. When the snow piles up and covers everything in this clean layer of white powder it feels like everything has a fresh new look. Most importantly I love how everyone has a common hate; the snow, the cold and the annoyance it brings. Rather than others hating each other, fighting, bullying, arguing over a certain Presidential-elect, or rushing in the hustle of their lives, we all have one common hate which in some weird twisted way it brings us together.

Six years ago today we were on day 4 of the worst snowfalls I had ever been in. It was cutely nicknamed "Snowmageddon" which I think can give you an idea of the hatred everyone had for it. I was in college, it was exam time and some profs required us to still come in to complete assignments, which funny enough is one of the only things I remembered of the whole 4 days. Our car was stuck in the driveway trying to get out, roads were totally covered and everyone was angry at how it turned up our daily lives and we still had to try to go on. As much as everyone was annoyed, I loved it. I loved the challenge, I love how everyone wanted to see pictures of the snow, I loved how everyone worked together and helped one another.

With that said, here is a photo I had taken halfway through the snowfall (day 2 or 3) after cleaning off my car for the third time (yes, seems silly, but at least mine was buried like most).

 Snowmageddon 2010.

Snowmageddon 2010.

Hairspray Live!

Okay, so today we are going to discuss this. If you were lucky enough to catch Hairspray Live! on NBC then I applaud you, but if you missed it find it somewhere ASAP. The whole musicals live on television trend going on bothered me at first. It would take away from the magic of the theatre, seeing something live, sitting in uncomfortable seats with people all around enjoying the same thing and seeing the actors talent right in front of your face is something you cannot get off of television. I was wrong and that was proved last night.

Now this entire opinion is probably very biased because Hairspray is my favourite story, and Ariana Grande is my homegirl, but I was totally blown away. I am not claiming to be an expert in the theatre either, these are merely my observations. Dove Cameron nailed it with her "nasty rich girl" attitude and those high notes. Kristin Chenoweth showed up and killed her vocals, as if anyone would expect any less from her. There was one section during "(The Legend Of) Miss Baltimore Crabs" where she was being spun around and held her note, then jumped right up and killed a couple more notes, I was speechless. Maddie Baillio was one of my favourite Tracy's yet she was so adorable, her moves were killer, and her voice! Derek Hough, Garrett Clayton and Ephraim Sykes were amazing teenage heartthrobs, with killer vocals and dance moves. Ariana was a hilarious Penny, her awkward movements, amazing vocals, comedic facial expressions and nervousness of Penny brought the character to life. To Harvey Fierstein, Jennifer Hudson and Martin Short, all the broadway big guns and anyone else I am forgetting because I am still wrapped up in the bliss of the show did an amazing job! The best part of the musical is its relevant message. I won't go into detail about the plot or anything, if you want to know you'll find out!

I believe however the reason this live musical to television looked so seamless and brought the theatre into my living room was because of the tech side. The camera work was like watching a tv show. I watched an interview with the cast and it was mentioned how tight the cues and marks are because of the extensive camera and tech work. Sure there were hiccups, but those can be forgiven since it was made up by not looking amateur. Okay enough boring you with how I was a giddy little girl last night watching Hairspray Live!

 I do not own this, nor do not claim to

I do not own this, nor do not claim to


So thanks for letting me bug you with my comments, opinions and views on such matters. I understand that you are probably wondering why these topics have nothing to do with weddings invitations, or digital design, but I am just getting started!

This has been another blogpost from nljDesignStudio. Again sorry for the grammar I know it sucks. :D