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Last Minute Holidays- DIY, Gifts, Decor

Last Minute Holiday Help!

Are you stuck for the perfect details for your holiday party? Still need something to show the one you love that you care? Or perhaps you have not had a chance to run out to the store to grab those extra wrapping piece. We got you, just read on!

 Click the pic to bring you to the shop.

Click the pic to bring you to the shop.

• Gift Wrap Tags:

If you just so happen to be stuck on what to do for cute gift tags or maybe you haven't had a chance to grab any and now they are sold out, then we have the perfect thing for you! All you have to do is purchase, print and use. To adhere to your stellar wrapping job, use double sided tape or, you can hole punch the top of the tag and use ribbon to tie it to you beautiful bow! The great thing about these easy tags is you purchase once and print as many and you would like! 





 Click on the pic for more!

Click on the pic for more!




• Thank You For Coming Cards

We have plenty of thank you cards for purchase and download in our shop, click the photo to bring you there!! You can write a little thank you post card for your guests. Attach it to one of the treats below to hand to them after dinner, or when they are on their way out! This makes a great gift any time of the year, not just the holidays.







• Hot Chocolate Mason Jars

As you have probably seen a thousand times on Pinterest this really is a good quick gift. You can hand it out to guests after dinner, teachers, neighbours or even the mailman! All you need to do is put some hot chocolate mix into a mason jar with some powdered milk, powdered sugar and top it with some mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, or even candy cane pieces! Put the lid on and cover it with some cute wrapping, ribbons and labels! May we suggest our gift tag labels? :P
Check out Pinterest for more ideas with mason jars, it seriously is a life saver!

• White Chocolate Pretzels

Step 1: Melt white chocolate wafers, either in microwave for 30 seconds, or over a double broiler
Step 2: Dump pretzels (shape of your choosing) into melted white chocolate.
Step 3: Cover in festive sprinkles.
Step 4: Eat them all.
Step 5: Be sad because you want more.

• Chocolate Bark

This one is very similar to the one above. You melt chocolate wafers (whatever kind you like) pour it onto wax paper that on top of a cookie sheet, add sprinkles, peanut butter, nuts, two different melted chocolates or just one, butterscotch, caramel... I think you get the idea. Swirl everything around and put it in the freezer to cool (roughly ten mins or so). Once you remove it just break it into smaller pieces, but it into a cute little tin or mason jar and decorate! Ribbons, bows, wrapping, tags, get creative! Happy eating :)

• Treasure Hunt For Your Loved One

This one will require some forethought and planning, but it is super rewarding! Last year I decided to do a "12 Days of Christmas" treasure hunt. Now obviously it is a little too late for a 12 Days idea, but it can still work on Christmas Eve, or Morning. 
What I ended up buying was small little gag gifts from the Dollar Store but you can always use it on the gifts you have already purchased, although I found it funnier wit gag gifts, so that's how I will explain it.

First you wrap all the little gifts individually, either in a funny shape or the shape they are, you can put in as little or as much effort as you please.
Come up with some sort of riddle, or clue as to what the gift is and put it on the outside of the wrapping. So let's say you bought mittens, you can write "to keeps your meat grabbers toasty".
Next, hide the gift in a strange place, let's say the freezer (as long as it wont break) for example. You now write on a card a riddle or clue to where the gift is hidden. For example, "this location is colder than outside, but warmer than Santa's home town". This is even better if you use inside jokes for your riddles and clues.

My favourite part of this is the fun you will have together watching them try to guess, laugh at your silly clues and inside jokes, and create memories together!
So send them on their way to figure out where the gift is hiding! Have fun!!


This concludes any sort of holiday last minute ideas that I have.
Hope you enjoyed!