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DIY Christmas Burlap Stockings and Santa Bags!


Create Your Own Burlap Stockings and Santa Bags!

GOOD THURSDAY TO YOU! As you can read we are going to create Stockings and Santa Bags together... Well you will do it on your own by reading along while I do it on my own, is that still considered together? Anyways, these always are a great hit with my family and friends because they can be personalized and really done anyway you want!

Okay, enough rambling (I dislike when blogs take forever to get to the point)



1. What you will be needing: 

  • 0.5m of Burlap (for stocking)/ 1m of Burlap (for santa bag)
  • 0.5m for stocking/1.5m for santa bag of flannel or flannelette in any print you want!
  • Old stocking.
  • Kraft paper/tracing paper/newspaper.
  • Acrylic paints and paint brushes.
  • Letter stencils and/or transparent paper.
  • Scissors, pencil, marker.
  • Sewing machine or fabric glue.




(Continue for cutting out Stockings. Skip ahead for Santa Bags.)

2. Using the old stocking trace it around the kraft paper/tracing paper/newspaper. If you are feeling like free-handing it because you didn't want to dig out an old stocking or perhaps you are making this because your old one is all busted then go for it!! Once you have it traced or drawn cut it out!

3. Fold your burlap and flannel (right sides together) in half so you have two layers. Place the paper on top of the burlap and pin it to it, then cut around it. Do the same with the flannel, leaving about 2" at the top of the stocking (opening of the stocking). You should have two pieces of your stocking shape of each fabric (4 pieces total). You are now ready to create your design!

(Steps for cutting out the Santa Bag)

2. When creating the Santa Bag you need to fold the burlap in half so there are two layers. Draw a rectangle shape of the size of your choice from the folded side up.

3. Cut out your rectangle without cutting the folded side. If you do cut out the folded side by accident don't fret, you can sew it together later! If you wish to have the flannel on the inside of the santa bag, use the burlap that has been cut out to trace the size needed for the flannel leaving about 2" at the top of the bag (depending on the size you wanted, you may need to cut the flannel in sections to be sewn together in order for it to fit)

(Continue for painting and designing both)

4. Now that you have all your fabrics cut out, you can figure out the design! You can use stencils that you find or you can create your own. If you want to create your own you can use transparency paper, the thickness is great for stencil making! To create your own, draw your design or print it from a computer then using an exacto knife (very carefully) cut out your design. If you look in the supplies picture, we created our own moustache tree on photoshop, printed it onto transparency paper and cut it out.

5. Plan ahead what your layout will be, the lettering and the images. Place your stencils where you planned and paint through the stencil with the acrylic paint. This should be done on one side of the burlap material and making sure that you paint the front keeping in mind the side you wish the stocking to hang. The same instructions can be used for the santa bag.

(Construction of the Stocking below, continue on for Santa Bag)

6. Once your painting has dried, place the burlap together and the flannel together. Make sure the flannel is right sides together (the front of the fabric together). For the stocking sandwich the flannel in between the burlap layer and pin around the edges. You should have all four pieces together and pinned. This is where you sew around the edges leaving the top open.  

You aren't a sewer? No problem, you can use fabric glue to secure each side.

7. Fold the top of the flannel on the stocking over 1/2" and iron. Fold over again around the top of the stocking and iron. Sewing or glueing around the edge of the flannel to secure. You may now use a ribbon, or elastic folded in half and secure to the inside of the top, this is to hang your stocking with.


Refer to the completed picture to the left for reference.






(Continue for construction of the Santa Bags)

6. For the santa bag, do not sandwich the fabric. Instead you should place the burlap right sides together and sew around the edges, if you cut the folded side of the santa bag, make sure you sew that side as this should be the bottom of the bag. With wrong sides together of the burlap sew around the edges (if you had to cut in sections then make sure you sew them together before sewing around the edges, this is much more advanced). Place the flannel inside the santa bag.


7. For the santa bag you may do the same, fold 1/2" and fold again around the edge of the burlap and sew or glue.

You may use a robe or ribbon to wrap around the edge to close the bag. A more advanced version is to create button holes on the top of the flannel and feeding rope or ribbon through to act as a drawstring.

If you chose to not put flannel inside the bag, like our picture to the right, then you can weave rope or ribbon through the top as a drawstring.





I hope this wasn't too confusing to read! If you have questions leave them in the comments! This project is very hard to screw up and can altered and created in any size or shape you want! As long as the sides and bottom is secure, and you left the top open it is quite easy.

Thanks for following along :)